So I have decided on my project. I was around age 5 when I started getting migraines and many young children unfortunatly experience the same thing. I have been considering an illustrated childrens book aimed at children who are growing up with migraines. The story willl either help them comprehend migraines or help them cope with migraines.
I decided to personify the migraines as a seperate entity and ended up with it being a monster. I wanted the monster to have features that would resemble that of the pains and experiences of a migraine. some points I feel need to come across are
- Its all i can focus on
 -Disturbs/takes up my entire vision
 - It likes sleep
- It hurts me
And other points that may influence the visual design. I like the idea of the monster resembling a cat because they can act out seemingly randomly or with little provocation, and when i think cats I picture them enjoying sleep. These are characteristics I closely relate to migraines.
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