September 2023

Behind the Curtain
My method for writing this comic started with me envisioning a story about a future in which AI has take over every aspect of life, allowing humans to live a life of ease and relaxation, but at the cost of most face-to-face socialisation and personal happiness.

After thinking through the narrative and sketching page and panel layouts, I wrote a quick and simple description of my plan and told ChatGPT to expand the notes into a script. These are the notes I have from the first output from the LLM.

In the end, I disregarded a lot of the information added by ChatGPT, but it was useful having a seperate entity make suggestions about your work.

When writing the first draft of the comic, I had several pieces of media in mind (see right).

I generated images to use as reference for my illustratioins, many of which ended up being used as images for the advertising, after some editing in Photoshop.
The speed at which these images can be generated and manipulated make them great for behind the scenes imagery such as, placeholder images, reference images, and inward facing design projects.

My initial sketch

Employing ChatGPT as an editor to refine and modify my input script
Suggested Changes: Some of the AI-generated suggestions were intriguing, but many additions conflicted with my original intent, necessitating their removal.
Narrative Over-Explanation: The AI frequently tended to over-explain my narrative by adding captions and speech that were already implied by the visuals.
Structural Help: The AI proved helpful in determining the optimal structure for a six-panel loop involving repetitive actions as seen above.
Industry Possibilities: 
This approach holds potential in various industries:
Proofreading Tools: ChatGPT can serve as a valuable tool for proofreading and enhancing the quality of written content.
Collaboration and Note Expansion: ChatGPT can assist in expanding notes for improved speed incollaboration within a team.
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