August 2023

Text generated using ChatGPT through the app Poe. The bot was created by Poe user @LuipY and can be found here:

Man juggling and potato image generated using Adobe Firefly.
Behind the Scenes
Other Aproaches

You can avoid the pitfall I mentioned above through various means. In this example, I ask ChatGPT to generate me a short story, then asked it to produce a comic using the story. This produces an often more thought out narrative with better pacing, and is less likely to produce the formulaic panel layout.

You could also use the method of the LLM playing a character from the previous issue in the same way, then asking another LLM instance to use the transcript for the basic narrative for a comic script.
Using ChatGPT as a scriptwriter for comic scripts and employing AI-generated imagery instead of stock photos.
Script Development: It took countless attempts at script generation, using multiple methods before I found one that truly resonated with me. I chose this script because it felt like the AI was mocking me by saying "Enjoy your potato comic, genius" which I ended up bringing into the script.
Imagery Quality: The AI-generated images proved to be excellent assets for manipulation within the comic. Notably, when I needed a depiction of a potato and didn't have access to a real one, I employed an AI-generated image. The quality was high enough that I didn't find the need to replace it by the project's end.
Industry Possibilities: 
This approach presents exciting possibilities in various industries:
Alternative to Stock Photography: The use of AI-generated imagery offers a fast and effective alternative to traditional stock photography, providing a wider range of creative options.
Project Text Generation: ChatGPT can serve as an invaluable starting point for generating text content for various projects, offering efficiency and creativity.
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