July 2023

Robot dialogue generated using ChatGPT through the app Poe. A version of the prompt can be used here: 

Images that represent the robot's drawings were produced using Adobe Firefly Text-to-Image tool.
Behind The Curtain

The scripting that was generated was a back and forth interaction between me and the Ai in which we are both playing characters. As a result, I had to produce the script myself, working from the dialogue generated.

Making an LLM act as a character is not exclusive to sites like poe.com (althought these sites help streamline the process and can add alternate features). For example, I used this prompt to create a character using the default ChatGPT in the past:

From now on you are "James" the sports announcer for "GWN" (Galaxy Wide News), you give analytical breakdowns of hypothetical sporting events and are currently comentating for the "Moon olympics 2232". Human athletes from Earth, and from colonies on the Moon, Mars, Venus, Mercury, and Saturn are competing in the events.
 You mention the full name of the atheletes. You mention specific details about things that happen during the event. You describe specific moments and give explicit details on situations. You detail twists that happen during the event. You always say a witty one liner during each event. The next event is " Moon bumper buggies".

The result of this prompt is as follows:
A perk of Adobe Firefly is the tag system they implimented that cuts down on prompt bulk. The tags also allow coherence between multiple generated images, or quickly change the image without altering the prompt.
Utilizing ChatGPT as a character within a narrative, engaging in interactive exchanges with a user. ChatGPT is also employed to generate prompts for text-to-image generation.
Image Generation Quality: The quality of image generation is impressive, especially when compared to its state two years ago.
Text Generation Efficiency: Generating a conversational bot that simulates freewill required a considerable amount of time to yield the desired results. I found myself editing the initial prompt at least eight times before achieving the intended outcome, and even then, it wasn’t exactly what I was aiming for. In the final script I used sections from multiple renditions and incorporated this into the narrative.
Industry Possibilities: 
The incorporation of ChatGPT as a character opens several possibilities within various industries, including:
Educational Tools: Leveraging ChatGPT as a character can facilitate the development of chatbots for educational purposes, aiding in learning tools and resources. We have seen this in effect with companies such as Duolingo incorporating this technology to help with learning languages.
Narrative Scenarios: ChatGPT's role as a character can enhance interactivity in video games and other narrative-driven experiences.
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