Thrive Linocut Comic
Behind the Scenes
During the production of this script there were instances where the Ai gave me a prompt for an image that showed too much action or time passing in one panel. In these instances I extended the prompt across multiple panels, taking my own creative liberties in the edit. I never formally edited a written script past this point; the working script I used took the form of sketches rather than text. 

This script was generated using ChatGPT and the prompt used was very simple because it started as an experiment to generate one off warm-up practice prompts. The prompt that generated the first panel was "Give me a prompt for a panel of a comic book, not using people. " I continued to generate the script by simply asking "next panel."
Project Proposal
This section outlines my proposal for the project and the concepts I aim to takle in the following months. I aim to tackle three ways to use Large Language Models when writing scripts for narrative fiction, and reveal my methodology here.
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