A new project has started development under the title raw for paw. This is the start of a branding project in which i aim to bring my illustrative style to the branding as much as possible.
Raw for paw is a dog food company that deliver raw meat which is healthiest for your dog in serving sizes that are specifically weighed out to suit you pets nutritional needs.
In branding this company I started planning out logos that suit the ethos of the business. The logo concept that I landed on was one that incorporated the text. I used the w on the word “paw” to create a paw.
While exploring logo designs, I came up with this pattern using the blocked in letterforms, creating a repeatable chain spelling out “RAW FOR PAW”.
I combined these elements, as well as some bold colours and a paper background chosen to represent cardboard.
I see where I am going with this. I have set several design elements that i will be able to use in various ways.
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