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My name is Jordan Glen, I am a creative, and welcome to my corner of the web. My main interests in the arts are illustration, animation, and printmaking. I rely heavily on nutrients gained directly from the sun (hot ball, not newspaper).
I am going to take a brief moment in this post to show you what I am all about, starting with some illustration work from the past year. I love comic books and story telling so this is a comic I have made titled “The Expedition”. It is a tale about a group of mice on an expedition to steal cheese from a nearby house. You can see more under the "Work" tab on this website if your are interested.

"The Expedition" page 1-2

"The Expedition" page 9-10

"The Expedition" page 11-12

"The Expedition" page 21-22

Animation has always been a big inspiration to me, even as a young child. I remember the day I learnt that someone actually drew animations, It blew my tiny lil’ brain. I have dabbled in animation through university and some in my free time. Here are a couple of my short, experimental animations.

Light - 2019

Cloud - 2019

The last thing I want to mention is printmaking. So printmaking, specifically screen printing and lino printing, have been my favourite creative outlet because its conducive to the way I work and has been a big part of me developing a visual style. Here is an overview of some of my prints.

Animal Alphabet - A3 Screen print

Animal Alphabet - A3 Screen print with watercolour

Things are getting fishy - 150mm x100mm Lino print

Couple o' broc - 150mm x100mm Lino print

Self Portrait - 150mm x100mm Lino print

So that’s a little idea of who I am now. I am interested in continuing my journey into printmaking, mainly through Lino printing because I have access to the materials at home. I would love to build my on my illustrative style and improve my skills. I conciser myself quite experienced with PhotoShop but one thing i have never used it if is digital painting. Previously I would use illlustrator to finalise my illustrations but i would like to experiment with digital painting in PhotoShop. Ultimately my goal this year is to pursue the ideas that interest me and experiment with some new mediums and practices.

Thanks, Jordan
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