At the start of this blog, I showed you my comic, some animations, and some Lino prints/Screen prints. This is the direction I knew I wanted to build my skills over the academic year.
I mentioned that I wanted to work on lino printing this year and I have managed to work on my lino printing in my time between projects. I was also able to use them in some of my designs. For example, the first project I did this year was an animation using lino prints and in my branding work I used lino to get an early design of the logo. I also managed to spend time improving my skills by challenging myself to experiment with the medium, mainly when I finally managed to obtain coloured lino inks.
I also wanted to improve my illustrative skills and tell an illustrative story which I managed to pursue as my main project. Creating the “Calm down monster” book taught me a lot about digital painting in photoshop and I have settled in to using the graphics tablet I bought this year.
At the end of the post, I said “ultimately my goal this year is to pursue the ideas that interest me and experiment with some new mediums and practices”.  I used the one-week brief structure at the start of the year to try and use some mediums I have not used before or have minimal experience with.
On the subject of “pursuing the ideas that interest me”, I discovered a passion for creating projects that centre around the condition of migraines. A subject I have been slowly learning more about my whole life. I have made two very different projects centred around the same subject area and it is one that I can see myself drawing from more in the future.
I am grateful for the portfolio presentation because Richard gave me some really useful feedback on my work and how to better display it.
- Jordan
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